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Leaves That Are Green 10/21

Leaves That Are Green 10/21 published on 16 Comments on Leaves That Are Green 10/21

Sir Gerri: And that’s the match! I want twenty laps from all of you, then you can hit the showers.

Thorn: Nicely fought.

Not!Touga: I’ll say! I was wiping the mat with you!

I guess even the celebrated Sir Thorn is no match for the “prince” of this year’s class —

Sir Gerri: Before you get too excited, Your Highness, think back over the match . . .

Not!Touga: Yeah?

Sir Gerri: . . . and consider that Sir Thorn is left-handed.

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Thorn: “I admit that you beat me.”
Not!Touga: “Why are you smiling then?”
Thorn: “Because i know something you don’t” *puts on sunglasses*
Thorn: “That I am not right-handed”

Who is Touga that this is so obviously not?

The smug redheaded student council president from Utena. (And there’s no obvious Italy analogue in this world, although a lot of Central’s own architecture is vaguely Italian.)

So this is just the universe reminding me that I have all of Utena on DVD at home and should watch it. (Why didn’t I when I was given them? Doctor Who abruptly entered my life.)

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