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Leaves That Are Green 11/21

Leaves That Are Green 11/21 published on 6 Comments on Leaves That Are Green 11/21

And now you know why Thorn draws his heartsword right-handed, but eats, high-fives, takes calls, etc. with his left.

One of my favorite little details about writing the Sunday AU strips is figuring out how much AU!Thorn was injured, and what healing tech he would have access to. All to decide how much he can use his left arm for.


Thorn: Was I that bad when I was in training?

Sir Gerri: Oh, don’t worry. All of you are special snowflakes with your own unique neuroses.

Thorn: Uh-huh. Listen, Brigadier . . .

Sir Gerri: Please, Thorn. You’ve hit the rank where you can address me as Gerri. Or “Sir Gerri” if it makes you feel better.

Thorn: . . . Well. Sir Gerri. You know I wasn’t fighting right-handed to teach the kid a lesson? I was doing it because my left arm doesn’t bend like it used to.

Sir Gerri: Yes. I also know you’re only visiting because you want something.

Thorn: Eheh.

Sir Gerri: So as long as you’re here, I’m getting some extra use out of you.

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I didn’t know if Gerri was literally that short before, or that she was just generally shorter and that was exaggerated because crowd scene. (And I was too lazy to relook at her on the height chart. BAD RIPPY!)

She really is that short. I now have fangirl-ish feelings about her. OMG Is She Cute And Awesome!

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