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Leaves That Are Green 15/21

Leaves That Are Green 15/21 published on 7 Comments on Leaves That Are Green 15/21

Sønheim Embassy’s Least-Fancy Washroom.

Katya: Leif! You’re up again! Are you working outside today?

Leif: Hi, Katya. I’m on light duty, but in the gardens, yes.

Katya: I’ll lay out your clothes for you — with a turtleneck.

Leif: W-what? That’s not necessary! I don’t need to hide the bandages. This was an honor. An honor!

Katya: Of course! But it’s gotten cold outside since last week.

Leif: . . . Oh. Then yes, a turtleneck is fine.

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I think Leif may be doubting the Honor…

I think Lief’s the only person who thought it was an honor in the first place. (But if it’s something they teach the servant class, how did Katya learn any different?)

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