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Leaves That Are Green 16/21

Leaves That Are Green 16/21 published on 1 Comment on Leaves That Are Green 16/21

Katya: . . . And the cafeteria has grilled moose on the menu all week . . .

. . . ah . . . ACHOO!

I t’ink I’b allergic to dose flowers.

Leif: Sorry! I’ll take them away.

Katya: What part of the grounds are they for?

Leif: No part! They were always for throwing away.

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Lief, no! You’re not allowed to throw away the flowers, they are a symbol of the everlasting love you will find out about in a while from now but I don’t know when! If you throw them away it has to have profound symbolic value vis-a-vis your relationship with Thorn!

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