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Leaves That Are Green 19/21

Leaves That Are Green 19/21 published on 8 Comments on Leaves That Are Green 19/21

In which Thorn works on his Sønska by listening to audiobooks. (“Rózsa” is what they call Rhódon in Sønheim.)


Audiobook: “Have we met before?” asked Rózsa, peering intently at the shadowy figure.

“It’s the weirdest thing, I feel like I can trust –” [PAUSE]

Birch: Hope I’m not interrupting anything important, boss . . .

. . . but your friend is heading this way!

Leif (thinking): I’m fine. Everything is fine.

Thorn: That’s more important than anything I was listening to! I mean, it’s just Rhódon in translation. I already know the ending.

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They’re just OH SO CASUALLY running into each other! This is fantastic. I love the way you’re developing the relationship. The easy route would be a breathless love-at-first-sight cliche where Leif and Thorn are sneaking off to see each other whenever they can get a few furtive moments, but you’re taking the long road, and it’s excellent.

I usually have characters fall head-over-heels for each other in my writing, because that’s the mode I live in, but this is much better.

I would like to say it is amazing that even though you based sønska on norwegian, you chose a word from my native language (Hungarian) to translate Rhódon into sønska, it is really amusing! 😀 Was it intentional?

It was! Long before the modern Sonska language evolved, a different language was dominant in the North. So when I want a name or place to sound very old-fashioned, it can’t be based on Norwegian. I chose Hungarian to use instead.

By the way, if you have any favorite jokes or puns in Hungarian, let me know! I might need something like that for a future strip 🙂

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