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Leaves That Are Green 3/21

Leaves That Are Green 3/21 published on 3 Comments on Leaves That Are Green 3/21

Thorn: It’s been days and I haven’t seen Leif. I can’t even find out if he’s okay!


The embassy staff coordinator would only tell me he was “unavailable”!

. . . although Leif isn’t part of my team. Or my family. I shouldn’t have access to his medical information. This just proves they’re taking responsible care of him.


I don’t buy that he freely chose to let the vampires hurt him in the first place . . . But looking for someone to be angry at isn’t going to fix it.

Tiernan: Purrr.

Thorn: Besides, I need to be calm to figure out if there’s anything I can do for him.

Tiernan (thinking): And it’ll help us both calm down if you keep petting me. Win-win.

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