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Leif Explains: Monsters of Sønheim

Leif Explains: Monsters of Sønheim published on 7 Comments on Leif Explains: Monsters of Sønheim

Feel free to make up your own backstories for the characters Thorn and Leif are cosplaying as.


Thorn: It’s the Soul Masquerade here in Ceannis — the festival when we all dress up as our favorite characters and creatures. Leif, tell the readers about some of your myths and monsters in Sønheim!

Leif: Yes, sir!

Trolls are big rocky creatures that live in the mountains. They’re very strong, but not too bright.

The light of day turns them to stone. One of our oldest and most historic castles is supposedly built on a foundation of 100% ex-troll!

Gnomes are tiny people who live in tiny forest houses. They are very serious and not at all adorable.

Thorn: So, Tamaputians.

Leif: Shh! It’s offensive to call the Tamaputians “gnomes.” Even if pre-historical contact with them is very probably where we got the myth from.

Uldras are slightly-larger tiny people from the tundra. Don’t mess with them, or they will mess with your reindeer.

That’s very scary if your livelihood is based on reindeer.

Night-ghasts are ravenous, skeletal figures that sit on you in your sleep and give you bad dreams.

Unless you’re into that, in which case I guess they’re good dreams.

Thorn: Ooh, and tell them about the scariest one!

Leif: Which one is that, sir?

Thorn: The winterfox! The one that will latch onto your scent and stalk you across the whole world until it manages to tear you apart!

Leif: . . . but that’s not a myth. That’s just nature, being naturally terrifying.

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