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Leif in Lockdown, part 6

Leif in Lockdown, part 6 published on 12 Comments on Leif in Lockdown, part 6

When a lot of series do these “shoulder angel/shoulder demon” figures, the demon either (a) pushes over-the-top evil things the character would never actually want to do, or (b) encourage the character to set reasonable boundaries and stand up for themself. (The writer(s) may or may not be self-aware about how they gave their demon the actually-healthy suggestions…)

When shoulder imps and faeries come up in Leif & Thorn, I always put some effort into thinking “what’s something this character would (a) be legitimately tempted to do right now, (b) for actually-unhealthy reasons?”

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve had both the faerie and the imp advocating the same thing, for different reasons. On the positive side: honesty, integrity, defending someone who isn’t present to speak for themself! On the negative side: making someone feel shown-up and humiliated, indulging in short-term vindictive pleasure over long-term plans.

Leif (thinking): The observation room —

Did they bring Thorn in? Are they making him watch? Please, no — I don’t want him to see me like this, on my hands and knees, getting stepped on —

(* unless he ever wants to step on me, then I’d seriously consider it)

— but not because he would stop respecting me. Thorn will never.

. . . if he was going to, he would’ve done it already.

Shoulder faerie: So, say that! Tell the truth! Thorn deserves to have you speak up and defend him!

Shoulder imp: Ludolf thinks he knows Thorn better than you, huh? Take his smug condescension and tell him where he can shove it!

Shoulder guard: This will not end until the manager finds a weakness. You need to give him one. The longer you let him keep going, the less likely you’ll be able to control when he takes one.

Leif: I d– I don’t know. Sir.

Ludolf: . . . You poor thing. You’ve had a hard day, haven’t you, Leif? Let’s get you to bed.

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I can imagine Thorn and Leif going somewhere private, our heartsword knight wearing his most authoritative uniform and stepping on Leif…only to immediately back away and stop the game, not even capable of playfully hurting his purple muffin.

The sad thing is that I think Ludolf *honestly believes* he is doing the right thing. Especially because Leif is more-or-less a lifer; what good would it do for him to gain a sense of self-worth?

Obviously I’m not justifying it, but that mentality is understandable – if despicable.

At this point? I’m honestly hoping that a) this constitutes Human Rights violations to Ceannis and b) no diplomatic immunity covers said violations.
I actually think that stepping on someone’s head might be considered such a violation in the real world. And somehow, I can see Ceannis’ government or citizens finding out that the Sonheimic embassy has been abusing its staff causing a major diplomatic incident.

Embassy is, de jure, part of the state it’s embassy of. This is not about diplomatic immunity, Ceannis simply has no legal authority on Sonheimic embassy. Assuming it works same as on world, I mean … but considering they even made sure the MAGIC works as in Sonheimic, I would assume that it may be even MORE true there.

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