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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #14

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #14 published on 11 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #14

For everyone who was worried about Kale not having Niamh in this AU…surprise!

Also, Kale:

I've only had Leif for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself

Del: I still think you should bring more than one bodyguard when you visit Subject K.

Niamh: I know it’s your job to be suspicious, Agent D . . . but it’s my job to know the prisoner’s mental state.

He doesn’t want to hurt me. Or anyone else. . . . granted, he doesn’t exactly want to help us yet either, but it’s in progress.

Del: I honestly don’t know why you bother, Counselor Niamh. He seems like a lost cause to me.

Niamh: My species can see through the fourth wall, remember? I know he’s not.

Del: Ah, yes, your delightful mystical nonsense. I regret that I asked.


Kale: Was that the light?

Niamh: Yes . . .

Kale: Well, turn it off! I promise I’ll eat today if you do. Oh, and keep your voice down!

The other prisoner is sleeping — I think for the first time since he got here. And he needs it.

Niamh: It’s good of you to worry about Leif, and look out for him.

Kale: Pfft! I just don’t want to be used as your excuse for tormenting him. Don’t start thinking you can push me too far on his behalf. I agreed to eat. That’s all.

Niamh: If you don’t want to have any part in his discomfort here, you should also take a shower.

Kale: . . . hnnngh fine.

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Kale: I am dark and brooding and edgy and the worst kind of person with no redeeming qualities
Also Kale: Leif is a good bean and I would never harm a hair on his head because he’s a sweetie who’s just trying to do His Best

On the bright side them getting along bodes well for them interacting more in actual canon, when it turns out that Erin was just lulling us into a false sense of security before springing surprise polyamory onto us.

They’re both gonna be at Thorn’s Kolpovision viewing party.

Oh by the Unconquered Sun… Hyacinth is going to meet Kale… and then fall all over herself trying to be sensitive about his eyes.

Not to mention Hyacinth meeting LEIF.

Since Leif only speaks Sønska, he’s going to have very few options for people to actually talk to…and you better believe I’m making all those conversations happen =D

In a universe that I very much doubt is the one that will be portrayed.

Kale(clapping hands to Hyacinth and Leif’s mouths): I am a professional translator. allow me.

Kale(in Sønska, facing Leif):But the same immortals who were the cause of the anti-stockpile laws being written are trying to repeal them now that people have forgotten that they’re-

Kale(Cutting himself off, turning to face Hyacinth and switching to Ceannic): And why shouldn’t they? The economy has been better year after year under their guidance. they made the cake larger, why shouldn’t they get a slightly bigger slice!

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