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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #16

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #16 published on 8 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #16

No digital devices, only analog entertainment, in the cells on the Space Station Chalice . . .

Leif (reading): “Captain, he said, I believe, in this case, we should follow the Ingen protocol.” “Ingen?”

“Yes, ma’am . . . Ingenbekymring.”


Leif: I told Thorn a version of that joke once . . . He didn’t get it. Maybe my translator chip was glitching?

Kale: Well, “universal translators” can be very literal . . . they aren’t good with allusions, or memes, or puns . . . I grew up on Montmere — an Alliance border planet, right near the edge of the Sønheim Empire. So I get the cultural stuff that a Central planet human might —

AI: Private visitor for one of you! You know the drill — the other one has gym time.

Leif: That must be your “friend” Niamh again. I’ll see you later?

Kale: Yeah . . . “see” you.

No visual implants in Space Prison, either

Thorn: Uh. Hello?

Kale: You’re not my counselor.

Thorn: And you’re not my Leif.

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This meeting feels slightly contrived to me (why wouldn’t the system tell them which one has a visitor ? Why would Leif immediately assume it’s Niamh, doesn’t Thorn come around often ?), but I’m just excited for this ship in space.

Edit : Wait, it’s a spaceship !

IIRC Thorn and the rest of the crew of the Sapphire were deployed to the Månborg system (which directly resulted in Leif being detained as an infiltrator and being de-control chipped), so this may, in fact, be Thorn visiting at his first possible opportunity.

My universal translator said: “Ingenbekymring” Means no worries in Norwegian

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