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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #2

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #2 published on 5 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #2

Thorn: And these are my quarters! Here I can show you more of this human thing called “kissing.”

Leif (thinking): Okay, I failed to blow up the aliens. Infiltrating their ship and seducing their field commander is also a good strategy, right?


Leif: I didn’t know your species had textured skin too!

Thorn: I’m afraid that’s just a phaser burn. But I understand we’re physically compatible where it counts . . .


Leif: . . .

Thorn: Is anything wrong?

Leif: . . . Is that it?

Thorn: Hey! This is a standard size for my species! Why, what do you have?


Thorn: . . .

Yes please I would like some of all of that.

Are they slippery? — ooh, yes —

Leif: Ohhh —

Thorn: Hey, if I do anything wrong, tell me and I’ll —

Leif: don’t you dare stop

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