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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #3

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #3 published on 5 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #3

Leif (thinking): I wonder if all guests on this ship get star treatment, or just the ones who end up dating one of the aliens.

. . . seducing! Who end up seducing one
of the hot aliens.

Thorn: Off for a planetary recon mission! I shouldn’t be gone long. The surface is all plant life. Very pretty, very benign.

Leif (thinking): I even get an account on the ship’s intranet. And he keeps adding to my permissions! Now I can access the data file on the planet they’re visiting . . .

Wait, they’re going here?!

Briony: You’ve reached the Chief Information Officer of the Starship Zeerust. How can I help you?

Leif: Yes, hello, this is very important: Did the away team take machetes?!

And so:


Leif: Thån! Are you okay? Have any of your organs started dissolving yet??

Thorn: We all got snared before we could send a distress call! How did you know?

Leif: I used to be a gardener for rich, bored aristocrats! I’m familiar with all of the galaxy’s most dangerous plants.

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“Any of your organs started dissolving yet” – Alien!Leif, you can see he’s still fully clothed, more or less, how would they have gotten at his internal organs if his skin is still intact?

*whisper whisper* H-vines? what?
*plays the anime* Oh. Oh my. Really? Okay then.


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