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Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #4

Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #4 published on 6 Comments on Leif & Thorn: IN SPACE! #4

Leif (thinking): To pass as a member of Thån’s species, I have to cover my ears and antennae. Good thing I made this culturally authentic Ceanska hat!

Thorn: Even if you’re the only one here from the Empire, I don’t think you would stand out. There are people here from every species in the Alliance.

Wha — Tiernan!

Leif: A Felian?

Thorn: Not just any Felian — she’s my f’ly’na!

I didn’t know you would be at this thing! How are you doing? C’mere!

Tiernan: Purr.


Thorn: Uh-huh! Sounds perfect. I’ll talk to you then.


Leif: Wait. Did you and her have a thing?

Thorn: Like I said, she’s my f’ly’na. This subtle concept in Felian thought can be translated as “true ally”, “BFF”, “like a sibling” . . .

Leif: Or it can mean you had a thing.

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