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Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #7

Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #7 published on 7 Comments on Leif & Thorn IN SPACE! #7

Thorn: Leif, I know this can’t be easy to accept . . . Do you not believe the videos are real? Because they’ve been verified and —

Leif: I know, I know, Thorn, but — those people must’ve done something to deserve it!

Thorn: There were toddlers there —

Leif: Okay, their parents, then! They should’ve known better! Otherwise —

Otherwise you’re trying to tell me that my own government is evil!

Thorn: I’m telling you the facts. You can’t say “they’re not true” just because you don’t like what they point to!

The Empire’s leaders don’t all have to be evil — just enough of them. You were a refugee yourself not long ago, remember? And the Alliance didn’t treat you like that!

We found you, the only survivor on a nearly-destroyed ship . . . we took you in . . .

We gave you a stipend to get started . . . We also would’ve found you a placement planetside, but you wanted to stay with me . . .

And look how well it turned out! Your knowledge literally saved the lives of my entire away team!

Do you think people from other planets aren’t worth as much as you are? That they don’t deserve to be treated as well as you do?

Leif: Thorn . . . What if I didn’t deserve it?

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I guess this is where Leif reveals either his tragic backstory, or the fact he was originally under orders to blow up Thorn and his crew

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