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Let Me In 10/29

Let Me In 10/29 published on 4 Comments on Let Me In 10/29

New exclusive post for patrons: It’s the last of the Leif & Thorn deleted scenes from 2021!

Deleted panels from 2021

Thorn (thinking): Spirits can’t enter the Embassy grounds / who else is on duty today? / need a medic on hand for screening / the outbreak was only caught last night / are people trying to get in for sanctuary? / how many more will join the crowd after they see the morning news?

. . . should I check on Kale?

[Door to Kale’s apartment]

[Front door]

Thorn (thinking): Most likely he’ll go “I didn’t answer your text because I was in bed. Is it gonna be a federal case every time I sleep in, now?”

But on the slim chance a contagious spirit came by this block . . . I’m the person who could get to him first.

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This feels like the ideal time for Thorn to think up a reasonable pretense to knock. Keeps Kale from worrying if there’s nothing wrong and makes him feel a little more connected, saves him if he is in trouble, win-win.

I’m still completely lost on where in the timeline this is. Is this a rewind to the night after the attack, or the night after that? And what time anyway, are we talking shortly after dark, close to midnight, or early morning?

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