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Let Me In 17/29

Let Me In 17/29 published on 6 Comments on Let Me In 17/29

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Bryn: Why are you bothering the servant, Róta?

Róta: Hey! I’m just asking a question!

Bryn: Well, he looks bothered.

Róta: Whoa, hey! I’m not mad, or trying to get you in trouble. I was just curious, is all.

Leif: Most of our snow-clearing tech is in the shed. So before we get started for the day, I have to clear a path to the shed. Unless you need me somewhere else?

Róta: Nah, we’re good.

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How common/practical is gem-heated clothing? Were this the Hedge and Grassie era, I suppose a similar question would be if spirit-heated clothes were possible.

Spirit-heated clothing: not a thing, because you would’ve had to basically carry around a space heater with a fire spirit inside as a backpack.

Gem-heated clothing: very practical! Any time you see characters going from a heated indoor environment to a cold outdoor winter environment without putting on a coat, they probably have a thermal-regulation crystal under their sweater/tunic.

The guards here all have thick coats and thermal-regulation crystals, because Sønheim doesn’t take chances like that with its security people.

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