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Let Me In 22/29

Let Me In 22/29 published on 8 Comments on Let Me In 22/29

Thorn: Make a path from one gate to another. Let people walk it. In and out. They will feel like they got your secret cure. So they go away.

Sigrún: We don’t have a secret cure.

Thorn: I know! But the longer you keep them out, the more they think “You hide it because it’s a very good secret cure.”

Sigrún: And you can swear they’re not contagious?

Thorn: They’re not even sick.

Sigrún: You’re sure?

If they pass by Leif, as he’s clearing the path. You won’t have any worries about that?

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Thorn’s all like “I cannot believe you just went there, that is RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL”.

Which it absolutely is.

Eh, Sigurn is honestly going for what she knows will actually get through to Thorn.

Granted, the better question she should ask is, “Can you promise me this already unruly crowd that outnumbers my team will not present a larger security threat inside the walls? If you can’t, I won’t let them in.”

Sigurn’s job is securing the safety of the embassy and staff first. Ceannis isn’t her responsibility.

From Sigurn’s point of view Thorn is asking them to let in a crowd of panicking potentially sick people who aren’t citizens into an area they aren’t supposed to be, with a sickness they don’t understand and which can be deadly. While using Leif is rude and unprofessional, its basically the same as asking, if your children were here, would you risk it.

Also, as much as Sigurn is supposed to be in the wrong here, I just realized I was thinking, “Why is she in the shadows like this? Her duty is to literally keep anyone out of the embassy that isn’t supposed to be there.”

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