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Let Me In 23/29

Let Me In 23/29 published on 9 Comments on Let Me In 23/29

Thorn: Do you like threatening him?

You think something bad will happen, so your first idea is to put my — to put Leif out in front of it?


For Captain of the Guard, what kind of guarding is that?! You do not trust me, you have a million ways to confirm. Confirm it with any of those.

But Leif has hard enough already. Leave him out.

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Thorn, again, the job is to keep these people out of the embassy. Your explicit orders are literally, “Don’t let anyone in who isn’t supposed to be here.”

Flipside, Sigrun has done a piss poor job of handling the situation and has apparently let training slip when it comes to responding to emergency situations.

Basically everyone in this story sucked at doing their damn jobs except Leif and Lulen.

Am I the only one who feels like Thorn is in the wrong here? Like, this is a serious situation. One that could have big repercussions. Just because Thorn is the main character and an experienced knight and leader doesn’t mean he can’t still be wrong. He has biases, as everyone does. Sigrun doesn’t know how deep those biases go. Bringing Leif, Thorn’s highest priority, to the forefront exposes those biases. It’s not a threat. Take it at face value. He is here, is this still a good idea when YOUR priority (Leif) is on the same level as MY priority (Embassy)?

Thorn in bunny slippers is his high watermark for this storyline thus far. It’s largely been a series of questionable choices since then.

And this is Thorn doing well enough thus far to not warrant a time loop reset. Imagine how screwed up the situation has will been in other timelines.

yeah… it’s quite understandable, given the storyline with leif getting interrogated was… what, a couple of days ago for him? but I think it’s still going to *look* like a bizarre leap to people who don’t care enough about leif to remember that.

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