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Let Me In 27/29

Let Me In 27/29 published on 9 Comments on Let Me In 27/29

Thorn: By entering this gate, you agree that you understand and accept the following terms.

Hiking at the Sønheim Embassy is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please keep your arms and legs on the path at all times.

When you reach the other gate . . .

a team of magical girls will screen you for actual medical needs. Just in case.

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This is gorgeous and I love that last bit of getting them the actual treatment.

Reminds me of some gag elsewhere that went something like “You want homeopathic treatment? Fine, here’s a miniscule piece of the virus, diluted down, and it’ll be diluted further inside you. How many diluting injections of saline do you want as a chaser?”

BTW, I saw another comic a while back which used the wordpress comment system, but included a “remember personal details” checkbox. If you could enable that here to make commenting a little more streamlined (it’s especially a pain to fill out in mobile), that would be just swell.

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