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Let Me In 9/29

Let Me In 9/29 published on 8 Comments on Let Me In 9/29

Thorn’s Sønska is simpler and less grammar-accurate than usual, because it’s a stressful situation and he’s trying to talk fast.

Lulen: So . . . they’re all completely fine, then?

Thorn: I won’t go that far. But anyone who has the whisper for real . . . is not in shape to fight about it.

Alruna: Then we let them throw snowballs all they want. Soon they will tire out and go home.

Thorn: I’m coming in. I’ll stay off the Embassy grounds if you like — but I’ll be near.

I hope you ask me to assist.

Sigrún: It seems unlikely, Sir Thorn.

Your sword is a melee weapon, and we can fend them off more effectively with ranged —

Thorn: To talk! I mean to assist to talk!

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Yup, Thorn basically confirm what I was saying.

I don’t think talk will help in this case. If the situation would escalate, it would call for riot control measures … except using water cannon in this temperature would be easily deadly, so maybe the best they could do is throwing the snowballs back.

Hmmm … the fact that Thorn’s sword is as sharp as he want might become useful.

So, does Sonheim not have a direct line to the local police then? This feels like an oversight in their emergency plan.

Yeah, especially considering Ceannis has established they have law enforcement that’s actually trained to deal with people humanely. This is a textbook case of “Someone’s trying to break in to a closed building, and has shown signs of mental instability, possibly due to STAD, send medics and support staff trained for dealign with high-risk patients.”

…look, every time you ask some version of “do the Embassy staff not have access to some very basic resource/intel?”, the answer is going to be “they do, in fact, have access to the very basic resource/intel.”

The plot is not getting regularly paused for exposition where the Embassy guards sit around and discuss obvious things they all already know about. You can safely infer that they have basic info. If they’re not using it, that means they’ve made the *decision* not to use it.

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