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Level Up 1/14

Level Up 1/14 published on 8 Comments on Level Up 1/14

New font? New font!

I’d been low-key frustrated with some things about the original Ceannic font for a while now (lack of boldface, commas and periods look the same at small sizes). Finally went to Blambot to hunt down a replacement. From this storyline on, Ceannic will be written in Mighty Zeo.


Holly: There was a contest for Leachtric tickets and I didn’t get to compete?!

Thorn: It was for non-magic skills, like swordfighting . . .

Holly: I can do that!

Runes: [Sparkly merchandisable sword!]

Thorn: . . . and it took place on the Embassy grounds, where Ceannic magic doesn’t work.

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So what’s the specs on a magic sword compared to a heartsword?

I can only see it going two directions: either a Magic sword can avoid being cut through like buttah by a heartsword, but that’s the only advantage… Or it fares no better than a normal sword.

Yes, the magic sword comes with its own magic forcefield, so it can’t be cut with a heartsword the way an object would.

That said, it’s only a moderately-sharp cutting tool in its own right. It’s mostly used as another kind of spellcasting item. Throws a ball of energy, shoots a bolt of sparkles, that kind of thing.

Now I’m wondering about back when Thorn Explains : Mages… how much of the Mages “Fancy equals Advanced” do they control?

Also, thank you Erin (and everyone else who reads these comments) for putting up with my sleep-deprived early in the morning guesses…

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