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Level Up 10/14

Level Up 10/14 published on 14 Comments on Level Up 10/14

Violet: Juniper let us know that you’re the first alternate for the spot.

Thorn: So maybe Rowan will feel better in a day or two, and I won’t get to go.

Violet: Thorn . . .

He’s had unusual protein and mineral cravings, back and shoulder aches, itching, and fatigue. Symptoms have persisted for more than 52 hours.

Thorn: . . . Ohhh. I’ll take care of organizing the team get-well card.

Violet: Thanks, boss.

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… Rowan going to grow wings? Can they grow in that late? Or is it something else?
Dangit, whenever I’m up past midnight I think “ooh! New L&T strip!” And then I think “but if you read it right now you’ll have so long to wait” and sometimes the second thought wins and I wait till morning but tonight the first thought won and gosh golly I want to KNOW. WHY MUST TWENTY FOUR HORS BE SO LONG.

protein and mineral cravings, back and shoulder aches, itching, and fatigue

When do people’s wings usually come in, if they get wings? ‘cuz this sounds like either it’s Addison’s Disease, or Rowan is growing new limbs.

Maybe its Lupis

“[Wings] can appear at any stage of development between early teens and late 60’s, but most typically in the early 20’s, and develop over the course of about a week with very little warning beforehand. ”
I bet the itching is the worst part.

I don’t know how anybody else feels but I think if puberty worked like this I would be all for it I’d much rather be laid up with what felt like equivalent of a bad flu for a week then have to have gone through several years of puberty especially twice which is technically what growing wings could be called

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