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Level Up 11/14

Level Up 11/14 published on 14 Comments on Level Up 11/14

Violet: Lights! Hey again. I brought more bhang chai in case the crystal isn’t covering all the pain.

Rowan: It is definitely not. Bring it here? I’d get up, but it hurts to move my arms.

How does it look back there?

Violet: Well, the bruising’s gotten bigger, so . . . It looks like your back got hit by a very small train.

Rowan: That’s what it feels like!

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Does growing wings usually take multiple days? I’m just imagining the little girl mentioned in in pain for several days with no clue what’s going on and having them actually break through the night everyone was calling in. Poor thing. 🙁

Wait, why hasn’t Rowan gone to medical yet?

Why do you assume ha hasn’t? That may well be where he got the crystal from. There may simply be no reason to keep him there as opposed to in his own home.

Despite how bad it feels, it’s NORMAL. Unless there will be complications, there is no need for medical professionals getting involved. Just like teething (no reason to even go to medical) or like giving birth (only reasons that’s usually done in medical is for case of complications).

So, yes: no reason to be hospitalized and might not even need seeing medical if they have some medical crystals and training as part of military training.

These are extra LIMBS though aren’t they? Depending on how long they take to grow in we’re talking a lot of missed PT/gym, duties, and if necessary a reevaluation of Rowan’s current duty status. Guy might have to go on limited duty for some time.

Childbirth isn’t a good comparison because that actually does kill a lot of people — about 830 every day, according to the WHO — and the rate is much higher in places/eras without modern medicine.

Teething is a better one. Rowan’s biggest issue is likely to be pain management while the process runs its course.

Also, it’s entirely possible that he did go to medical when this first came up, and they’re the reason he and Violet know what’s happening and are using this form of treatment? Despite the pain there’s nothing on his back (no ice packs/ice crystals to help numb it), he’s evidently on strict bed rest (Violet getting things for him and telling Thorn he can’t go to the musical), and the fact that they have a high-grade crystal to help with the pain to begin with (since you can get pain medicine OTC, but you need an actual prescription to get the high-grade stuff)- that all points to them having gone to a professional, probably on the second day this happened (Violet mentioned ’52 hours’, so it’s been about two and a half days since it started) since people will usually try and pass off being sick as nothing on Day 1 and only take it seriously if it persists and/or gets worse on Day 2, unless it’s really bad.

Alternatively, using the teething comparison: when things persisted, Violet – being as well read as she is – figured out what was going on and used her own knowledge to help treat him, so that he wouldn’t have to go and see a doctor with how much physical pain he was in. Since teething is a totally normal process, like growing wings is (albeit not in all humans), unless they were particularly worried about the pain they wouldn’t have had to go and see a doctor if they had figured out what was going on.

As dramatic as the symptoms are, I find it hard to believe there aren’t potentially fatal complications, especially among the food-insecure…

…actually, that’s a good point. If someone’s body is malnourished to begin with, wings won’t even start growing, so the worst-case scenario isn’t death. But in borderline cases the wing growth could leave someone with vitamin/nutrient deficiencies that need to be addressed.

Health insurance in Ceannis has this covered. (They can also do things like send a home nurse to check on you and prepare meals, if you don’t have a helpful roommate.) But certain other countries might not.

And the growth site is tender for a lot of the process, and slow to heal from injuries, so all the risks that exist anyway if you’re wounded — infection, blood poisoning — would be exacerbated.

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