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Level Up 12/14

Level Up 12/14 published on 7 Comments on Level Up 12/14

Violet: I called Thorn. He says get well soon.

Rowan: I assume he means not too soon.

Violet: Probably.

You know, Rowan . . . It’ll be a while before you should be left alone. Wings grow in fast, but not that fast, plus you’ll need recovery time after.

So if you want . . . For the sake of support, I can . . .

Rowan: Don’t you go missing the show just because I have to.

Violet: Oh, I am so glad you said that.

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I also love how you show details! Especially when it comes to emotion. It makes for such a powerful storytelling format.

I went around in circles for so long on this story arc, trying to nail down which configuration of characters would end up going to the show. It could’ve been a chance to do a spotlight storyline for one of the knights who hasn’t had as much panel time…but character-wise, even though Violet would make the offer, I finally accepted it wouldn’t make sense for Rowan to take it.

Drawing the same talking heads in every panel would suck a lot of the energy out of any scene…not to mention, it gets boring to work on ^_^; So the detail focus works on a lot of levels.

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