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Level Up 13/14

Level Up 13/14 published on 5 Comments on Level Up 13/14

Rowan: Besides, it’s covered. The twins are already in town, and were planning to visit anyway, so . . .

Violet: So you asked your siblings to come take care of you?

Rowan: They volunteered!

Violet: And you let them? I know they love you, and they sure mean well, but . . .

Rowan: You’ve put yourself in danger to protect me plenty of times! It’s only fair that I return the favor.

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Question that’s just come to my mind about wings. Are the feathers always white or do they come in different colours? If they come in different colours is it random what colours you get or is it more predictable (e.g. people with darker skin tones will have darker wings)?

They for sure come in different colors. Pine Dulac (one of the other Mine Collapse Survivors) has dark-colored wings to go with his relatively dark skin-tone and purple eyes.

At a guess the wing-color may actually be loosely related to HAIR color. It would make sense to me as hair and feathers are both keratin-based, and fits the evidence I can recall e.g. the Sønheimers have light hair and wings, and we saw that Pine has black hair when it grew out.

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