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Level Up 14/14

Level Up 14/14 published on 8 Comments on Level Up 14/14

Thorn: Rowan has wings coming in!

Leif: Wow! Which one is Rowan?

Thorn: North gate, Aibreán, dark skin . . . the pretty one.

Leif: It’s still weird to see . . . foreigners, with wings. We tell kids they’re a sign that you’ve been chosen by Szélanya.

Thorn: Do not let Rowan hear you saying that. And now I get to see the Leachtric!

Leif: Can you really focus enough to enjoy something while you’re on duty?

Thorn: . . . So far, I have done it well.

[Until Next Time]

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Seeing the new Ceannic font alongside the ‘Sønska’ font? MUCH easier time telling when the switches happen, and what language is being spoken without referring to the transcript.

Also, i’d kinda forgotten there WAS a new Ceannic font, since this arc has been in Ceannic areas for most of its length.

Oh, good! I wasn’t sure if it would be better or worse on that count. The letters are more script-y than print-y, which puts it closer to the Sønska font; but it has more curvy verticals and less of a flat baseline, which set it apart in ways that the original Ceannic font didn’t.

My plot to create a smooth transition has succeeded =)

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