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Level Up 3/14

Level Up 3/14 published on 10 Comments on Level Up 3/14

Rowan: Even with an unusual magical-girl type, and at a high power level, you can usually still work out a basic affinity from their costume.

Kudzu never got officially tested, but I’m sure he’s Fire.

Leachtric’s right-hand mage, Telga, was water.

The archmage of Tamapoa started with Nature.

And Acai . . .

Uh . . .

Violet: I’m pretty sure she was a special case.

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previous mentions of Acai:

Didn’t pick up on her being a mage from the outfit, hmm. I’m very interested, darn my weakness for mysterious but powerful characters.

Totally didn’t consider Tamapoa mages, love the Archmage’s outfit.

Unfortunately many people become murdery. I don’t know if it’s a societal thing or a human thing, but people stop seeing others as human and just start seeing them as… things. Like that ‘NPC’ meme going around. Might be related to the monkey limit?

There’s actually a theory going around that spree killers agree just serial killers who are doing it all at once.

And there’s a distressingly large number of long operating medical murderers. It’s unfortunately easy to disguise malice as incompetence in a medical setting.

Frankly, murderyness in most cases is not a mental illness, and it’s upsetting the way they blame people ‘snapping’ on mental illness. I have a mental illness, and like most people with mental illnesses it makes me more likely to be a victim and less likely to be an aggressor than someone who is ‘sane’.

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