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Level Up 5/14

Level Up 5/14 published on 4 Comments on Level Up 5/14

Thorn: Well, Holly, all I can say is — they’d better have something great available when you get out of here.

We’ve been honored to work with you — but I know this posting wasn’t everything you were hoping for. Not after we were sent to guard the one place in Ceannis where your magic isn’t effective.

Holly: Yeah, well, it wasn’t all bad. I got to meet Astrid Rødlund!

And where else would I get the opportunity to fix an unexpected tentacle monster?

Thorn: Don’t remind me . . .

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Oh no, you’re summarizing Holly’s time in the comic! Does this mean she’s leaving the main cast when she passes her exam?

Mostly I’m trying to make sure that plot points from 2+ years ago are fresh in people’s minds!

The “main cast” fluctuates pretty heavily from storyline to storyline anyway…so after graduation she won’t pop up in random chats at the gate anymore, but I’ll find other ways to bring her back. For one thing, sending her on missions to exciting new places will be a great excuse to extend the worldbuilding.

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