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Level Up 6/14

Level Up 6/14 published on 7 Comments on Level Up 6/14

Thorn: Now, as soon as I get the beta team on call, Juniper will reveal who’s earned guard duty for the Leachtric trip.

Holly: Why is Sir Juniper deciding it? Why not you?

Thorn: I wanted to be in the running. Juniper was the only team member who didn’t.

Juniper (thinking): Here it comes . . .

Thorn: Because they don’t like show tunes.

Juniper (thinking): Three . . . two . . .

Holly: Not any show tunes? What about Violinist On The Hot Tin Roof? Have you ever listened to South Panthassala? What about LEASE?!

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You know, I wanted to see the original run of LEASE in Peacockton, but it expired.

Pfft… What you did there. I see it.

I’ve never really been one for LEASE. it has catchy songs, sure… but I’m not a fan of how they’d slap the logo on anything and hawk it for a crown when I was growing up. Although, that can be pegged on the author having passed away shortly before LEASE hit its big break, but I in no way begrudge his estate this success.

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