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Level Up 9/14

Level Up 9/14 published on 7 Comments on Level Up 9/14

Thorn: Violet? What’s going on?

Violet: Good news and bad.

Don’t worry, nobody’s dead. But the good news is — you get to see Leachtric after all.

Thorn: You mean — Rowan can’t go?

Violet: That’s right.

Thorn: And you’re sure he’s not dead.

Violet: No, he just wishes he was.

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Scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the (probably a) cold that he’s (probably) caught? Based on what Violet’s doing I’m guessing she’s making tea for him so a sore throat is likely, that or just trying to keep him hydrated. I don’t really know what medicine is like in a world where magic does health care stuff.

“Only 900’s kids will get this” isn’t on the storylines page or the dropdown menu thing under the comic.

Also, oooh timeline page~ That could be interesting. Is it time to learn a fictional date system?

Ended up having to delete the darn thing and tag all the posts with a new one, but it’s there now!

More like time for me to come up with a fictional date system…(Although you could always put things in based on “the year Leif met Thorn,” “2 years after Leif met Thorn,” “20 years before Leif met Thorn,” etc.)

Possible most-efficient date system: Life of Stanczia. Easier to date events before Thorn’s birth / while he’s time traveling.

He was the time traveler in Only 900s Kids Will Get This, right?

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