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Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 1

Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 1 published on 9 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 1

Special treat this week, readers: it’s Sunday every day! Six full-page strips in a row, chronicling one of the adventures from the magical-girl AU.


Stalker: Flowers! Get your beautiful non-suspicious flower corsages here!

You, young man! Buy a corsage for someone special? Everyone’s doing it!


Thorn (thinking): It’s true . . . This place just opened, and it seems like every kid I know at Chalice Prep has bought one of their corsages.

You exchange them with your partner . . . or give one to your crush. The kids at Embassy High are getting into it too. I could get one for Leif!

. . . But he’s on some kind of work-study program. Probably can’t afford to buy one for me. I don’t want him to feel guilty . . .

Later . . .


Thorn (thinking): Wha . . . ? Everyone’s collapsing! But naptime is hours away!

Tiernan (communicator): Thorn!!

It’s the corsages! The enemy sent them to drain people’s souls!

Thorn: What? That can’t be right. The flower place was clearly marked “Not Evil”!

Tiernan: Just transform and deal with it!

Thorn: Right! I’ll punish them in the name of truth-in-advertising laws!

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