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Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 2

Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 2 published on 5 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 2

Little baby Ivy, with her natural hair and eye colors! Also, she and Holly are both at an earlier power level, so less jewelry and no capes.


Thorn (thinking): I came all the way to the flower shop to have a dramatic showdown with the miniboss behind it . . . and it’s gone! Isn’t
there some kind of rule against that??

Holly: Magical Thorn! Down here!

Are you here about the evil corsages? We can help!

Thorn: Magical Holly, Magical Ivy! How did you know to come here?

I mean, how many people at your school would have bought corsages? You’re, like, eight.

Ivy: Iiiiii did! They were SO pretty I bought a whole BOX of them!

I gave one to my best friend Tilda, and one to my other best friend Vine, and one to my other other best friend Hyacinth . . .

. . . and one to a boy who doesn’t come in a lot because he’s sick . . .

. . . and one to the girl in fifth grade who is SO cool and SO cute and wins archery contests ALL the time and eeeeeeee!

. . . and now none of them will wake uuuuuup!

Holly: I just followed her.

Thorn: Okay, calm down! We can figure this out. Ivy, help me reach out to the water spirits in the pipes.

Try to feel which way the man with bad energy went . . .

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