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Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 4

Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 4 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 4

Why yes, I am still upset about the animation quality in Sailor Moon Crystal. How could you tell.


Thorn: I’m okay! Let’s take these guys down.

Ivy! Keep the water mage busy.

Ivy: Mmm!

Thorn: Holly! Close that portal.

Holly: On it!

Thorn: And I’ll go get —

Kudzu: Already here!

Thorn: Hnngh!

Ivy: Kyaaaaa!

Holly: Hah!

Stalker: Aaaahhh!

Thorn: Oof!

Thorn: Hang on, where are we? What are we even standing on?

Kudzu: Looks like your animation company was too cheap to pay for backgrounds.

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Does anyone remember who Kudzu is? Cuz I don’t, are they new?

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