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Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 5

Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 5 published on 5 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 1, Page 5

Holly: A little help over here?! I’ve got everyone’s soul energy — but I need someone to destroy the portal!

Thorn: Give me a minute . . . little paralyzed over here . . .

Ivy: This is for hurting senpai! [WHAP] And this one’s for Tilda! [WHAP] And Vine! [WHAP] And Calyx! [WHAP]

Kudzu: Hey! What did you say, kid? Calyx who?

Ivy: I dunno! I don’t know him real well because he’s not at school a lot because he’s sick —


Stalker: Kudzu!! What are you doing?

Kudzu: Whoops, my staff must’ve slipped.

You win this round, Magical Star Knights — but we’ll be back! In the same town, and with a similar modus operandi! You’ll never see it coming!

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Erin, I think I have a theme song for this AU.
To the tune of ‘If I could only kill a word’

Talking cats and autumn skies
Fighting evil saving cutie huys
High school homework is a drag
Power grows from deep withi
Tennis club and Home Ec rolling pins
When is it the weekend?
If I could only save the world

City’s quiet late at night
Somewhere magical kids fight
To protect us and our lives
During school it’s math and lit
Geography and staying fit
And finding out who the cutie likes
If I could only save the world

Give me strength from above
Peace hope justice love
As stars collide and the whole world shakes
I’ll call the wind, sing the rain
Take within me fire’s pain
Do whatever thing it takes
If I could only save the world

(If anyone wants to add to it remember to rhyme line 1 with line 2 and line 4 with line 5)

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