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Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 1

Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 1 published on 16 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 1

Thorn: I’m sorry about your parents . . . Are you ever going to be adopted?

Leif: Probably not. But it’s all taken care of! I’m in an official orphan apartment and a work-study program.

Thorn: Wow, you live on your own? Aren’t you a little young?

Leif: Not at all! I’m fifteen. And I’m very mature for —


Thorn: Uh . . . Excuse me, I need to run to the bathroom. And don’t be surprised if it takes a while.

Leif: Okay.


Leif (thinking): I hope he doesn’t take too long . . . It’s boring when he’s not around.

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What’s Thorn’s magical specialty again?

Water, same as in the main comic.

With how many Magical People are condensed into this one city, why do they always immediately go to take a look if they’re doing something? Is there an unspoken ‘if you see it first it’s your responsibility’ rule in play or are they just all not thinking sometime else might handle it? I can understand with the flower plot- that could have knocked out some of the magical people- but Random Monster Attacks could be handled by ANY magical person, not just The One Right There.

The city has lots of magical people, but also lots of monsters, so it’s considered good form to go handle any attack you see. If you have a really important commitment, the next best thing is to call a teammate and ask them to step in. Even if someone’s already fighting the monster, they might need help.

There are local procedures in-place to handle cleanup and any legal issues?

Uh, I have a question – what’s a “work-study program”? And how common is it on your country?

I will add that in real life, it’s only available to college students 18+. The few very ambitious and weird people who try going to college at age 15 aren’t allowed to work on top of that, and even high schools with fees (private only) aren’t allowed to have their students work for money.

(Fundraising activities like car washes or selling candy for a separate activity is allowed, but not a Job.)

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