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Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 2

Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 2 published on 4 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 3, Page 2

Tiernan: Alert, alert! We need Magical Thorn, stat! There’s a new kind of monster out . . . and it’s made from a transformed human!

We’re still trying to figure out how they were turned. And we don’t know how long we have before they’re past the point of healing!

Thorn: Understood, Tiernan! I’ll be . . . right there.


Leif: . . .

Thorn: Leif . . . I’m sorry, I know we had plans, but I have to go. A friend needs my help.

Leif: Oh . . . I see.

Thorn (thinking): I want to kiss him, but it seems rude if I’m just going to leave . . .

Leif (thinking): You could at least kiss me before you run off . . .

Thorn: Okayseeyoulaterbye!

Leif: . . . Bye.

Leif (thinking): Does he not want to be around me . . . ? What am I missing?


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Wow, I just noticed the detail in their eyes! Thanks, panel 6. So shiny!

Minor bug report: Only 900’s kids will get this continues to sort to the bottom of the storyline menu dropdown

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