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Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 2

Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 2 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 4, Page 2

Rowan: It took hours of refreshing the page, but I got our tickets! We’re going to see Hedge and Grassie live!

Kudzu: Ixnay on the plot with the comedians.

Thorn: I am so here for Holger Saga book 7!

Violet: My Hildegard cosplay is ready.

Kudzu: Cancel the thing at the midnight book release!

Juniper: You know I have this fencing tournament in the bag.

Thorn: Don’t bet on it!

Kudzu: About that plan with the fencing contest . . .

Birch: Have you tried that new Sønheic restaurant?

Thorn: Not yet! I’m taking Leif tonight.

Kudzu: Say goodbye to your restaurant deal.

Stalker: Enough already!

Magical Kudzu keeps shutting down my energy plans!

Kudzu: It’s not MY fault the Magical Star Knights are into every contest, new business, and special event in this town.

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You know, Kudzu is being very smart here. If you know the heroes are going to be somewhere best hold off on any plans in that location. That way less resources are lost when they inevitably put extra effort into taking you down for interrupting their downtime.

assuming a well-run villainous organization, that’s exactly WHY The Nulli-Regent inserted ‘Kale’ at the Star Knight’s school. Try and avoid them just popping in like they were going to on EVERY. SINGLE. PLOT.

I mean, jeeze, at least Queen Beryl’s plots had been going a few days before the Sailor Senshi cottoned on/heard of it. It sounds like Stalker-Boy here has ZERO chill on establishing the business before sucking the patrons dry.

That only holds out so long though, if these guys are smarter than Beryl they’ll be using this as a chance to formulate an ambush and take out at least some of the enemy force. Strike, retreat, repeat until the Star Knight squad is wiped out.

They already know at least one Star Knight’s identity, and I am unconvinced that Leif was a target of opportunity.

My wager is Laceleaf’s Stalker kidnapping Leif while Kale distracts the Knights. They then eliminate a Knight by exchanging them for Leif (probably Thorn, but I can see Juniper talking Thorn out of it/shoving him out of the way and forcing the Regency Agents to take them instead). This would be followed by Kale/Kudzu having a change of heart some number of episodes later and escaping with the captured Knight. (Possibly due to Calyx?)

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