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Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 2

Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 2 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 2

A couple of those kids are the ones Ivy hung out with with during Fish Story…who were never seen since. Until now!

In the main continuity, Hyacinth and her friends are also in Holly and Ivy’s age group. But in the Magical Thorn universe, Thorn’s sister doesn’t look old enough to have a small child. So I…opted not to show them, and maybe I’ll figure out their ages later.


Thorn: That last kid has a really impressive costume!

. . .

. . . it’s not a costume, is it.

Quick — we can transform in here —

. . . Did our magical forms get taller?

Violet: Nah, we’re in a kindergarten bathroom.

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