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Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 3

Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 3 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 3

Violet: The plant’s draining everyone’s energy and using it to grow!

Thorn: We can still get through this. You chop it up, I’ll disintegrate the pieces.



Thorn: Wh–


Magical Kudzu! So you’re going after children now?? Well, have I got bad news for you . . .

That one civilian you know I care about isn’t here today, so you can’t make me hold back.

Kudzu: Wait! This plant thing — it isn’t one of ours, okay? And I don’t like it either! Today — just this once — we’re on the same side.

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Eeyy, the inevitable teamup that shows Kudzu isn’t as evil as they think he is!
I mean, if this is anything like the normal timeline, he’s probably being manipulated by the Spooky Shadowy Evil Person, so…

Or Kudzu is acting on orders from Not!Queen Beryl re:Others Horning in on the Soul-Energy Theft Trade.

That it allows him to protect Calyx at the same time is just frosting the cake, really [Pretend I put a wink emoji here, I’m posting from my phone.]

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