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Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 4

Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 4 published on 5 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 4

Stage right.

Cedar: Aaaahhh! This is not in the script!

Holly: We gotta transform!

Ivy: We caaaan’t, we hafta have secret identitiiiies!

Fallon: Miss Ivy is right, Miss Holly. The only people who can know that you’re a magical girl are —


— other magicals. If you don’t mind sharing your guardian animal for a bit . . .

Thorn (thinking): I found the edge of the stage! And there’s vine damage here, that I didn’t do — It must be from those two!


Ivy: Hiiiii, Magical Thorn!

Thorn (thinking): I was wrong! It’s from those three!

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