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Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 5

Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 5 published on 3 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 5

In the main canon, Violet’s little sister Cymbeline is a long-runner, who remembers living through a lot more years than her appearance would suggest.

In this AU, she’s just a normal, cute little kid!

(…Or is she?)

Stage left.

[toy sword]

Cymbeline: Waaaaugh!


Cymbeline: Wha — ?

Violet: Hey, kiddo. Nice sword. You mind if we trade for a bit?

Cymbeline: Whoah.

Violet: So, Kudzu, you can get the rest of the kids’ energy back?

Cymbeline: Wheee!

Kudzu: I don’t take orders from you — but yes.

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