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Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 6

Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 6 published on 5 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 5, Page 6

Cymbeline: Violet, you missed it, there was the coolest magical girl and she had a sword and she let me use it —

Violet: Sounds great, Cymbeline!

Thorn: Looks like everyone recovered their energy once the plant was destroyed . . . Magical Kudzu really wasn’t keeping it this time.

Violet: Go see Mom and Dad now, okay? Thorn, can we talk in the corner?

This other friend of yours. Kale. Have you ever seen him and Magical Kudzu in the same room?

Thorn: Wh — Yes! Karaoke, a couple months ago. When Kudzu . . . threatened Leif. Kale was there too. Passed out on the floor.

Violet: So you did actually see him? You didn’t just find him waking up after Kudzu left?

Thorn: Well — I —

Okay, I get why you’re suspicious. But it’s not true. You don’t know him.

Kale wouldn’t be a dark magical boy. He’s a good friend. He’s a good person. Just look at how caring he is with his family.

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Calyx looks… worryingly pale. And it was mentioned that he’s not at school a lot because he’s sick. …I have concerns.

Namely if the reason that Kale/Kudzu is helping Spooky Shadowy Lady is because she’s promised to help Calyx in a way that current magic medical stuff can’t.

And also how this ties to our Kale, given the obvious parallels in the two stories.

I suspect that Calyx is living with albinism, which can cause other health issues. Thanks to Pascentia, we know this isn’t a barrier to growing up to achieve most anything that one sets their mind to.

Perhaps Nega-Queen is willing to use powers some would call… unnatural to do what medical science COULD do… but doesn’t want to attempt on a child so young.

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