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Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 1

Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 1 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 1

Leif: This is so much fun, Thorn! You have no idea.

Thorn: I have some idea . . . What do you want to do next?



Thorn: That scream was from the roller coaster . . . right?


Leif: Unless it just slowed to a stop, same as the Ferris wheel.

Thorn: Ooh . . . that definitely looks like a magical-girl emergency going on down there.

Leif: . . . Thorn? Did you suddenly remember an important thing you promised to do right now?

Thorn: Um . . . kind of. But I guess it’ll have to wait, huh? What, I should jump out of here and swing to the ground like some kind of acrobat? No ordinary person could do that.

. . .

Leif: Thorn. I know you’re not an ordinary person.

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Huh. I thought Magical Thorn and Leif already had that discussion.

Other Reasons for Thorn to NOT immediately run towards danger:

○ Breaking the mechanism for securing the door is not good.
○ Leif’s disappointment from Thorn running away to go do Magical Girl stuff left him vulnerable to becoming Giant Bird Monster!Leif.
○ Magical Kudzu may have set this up to capture Leif.
○ Thorn’s teammates coordinated to make sure at least one of them is available to fight anything that pops up at the park today because something happens EVERY TIME they do something in a group of 2 or more.
○ The Magical Girl Code requires privacy for transformation and ducking below the window isn’t gonna cut it.

Leif figured it out (and that eased his insecurity about “is Thorn always running away because he doesn’t like me enough”), but didn’t say so to Thorn until now.

Canon adult Thorn could’ve put together the subtext, but AU!Thorn is still a teenager…and takes some influence from the “heart of gold, head of air” tradition of magical-girl protagonists.

I guess I read a bit too much into Leif’s “I understand” speech.

Never heard the “Heart of Gold, Head of Air” thing before, but yeah, that’s fair.

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