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Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 2

Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 2 published on 13 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 2

Kudzu: This is great! Between the summer fun and the sugar highs, I’m draining more today than I’ve picked up all month!

Kudzu (thinking): And the chance to grab free funnel cake doesn’t hurt.

Thorn: Stop!

It’s over, Magical Kudzu! Put that energy back where it came from or so help me —

Kudzu: Magical Thorn?! How are you even — Ahh, screw this.

Thorn: Hey! That door is employees only!

Kudzu (thinking): Thorn was supposed to be stranded on the Ferris wheel with his boyfriend! Well — maybe I can still salvage this —

Thorn (thinking): He can’t run forever, and once I catch up —


Kudzu: Okay, I’m going to back out of this scene slowly . . . You stay right there, and nobody has to get hurt.

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Quick, Lief, use your bird transformation powers that I totally wish you had to get yourself out of this situation!

Or just knee him in the groin.

The truest victory here for Kudzu is that no matter how this fight goes, he got free funnel cake.

I mean, assuming he gets the chance to eat it, which is unlikely what with Thorn already being on the scene.

I choose to believe that Kudzu ate the funnel cake while he chased down Leif.

Also: Yay! Back-to-Back AU comics!

Question: In this AU, is Kudzu still the primary caretaker of his nibling Calyx? As in, is his sister still an addict, and Kudzu is their legal guardian? Did he miss school for “reasons” because he was at the hospital with Calyx, or because he was doing Dark Magical Boy work on the side?

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