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Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 3

Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 3 published on 7 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 3

Kudzu: Oh, and if you invited any of your friends? Tell them to stay back too! I get snuck up on, the deal’s off!

Thorn: Why are you even doing this, Kudzu? I feel like you’re not a bad person! You helped us out, that one time! So what are you getting out of this? It must be something —


Kudzu: Ugh . . .

Kudzu (thinking): Am I actually bleeding? Did this series go up a rating while I wasn’t looking??

Thorn: Hey! Be careful, up there! You just hit an innocent victim-of-the-week!!

Dex: Oh, sorry! We tried to leave that to you, but you were taking too long.

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Wow, Kudzu’s developing fourth wall awareness powers

This doesn’t feel to me like proper fourth wall awareness powers.

Kudzu is aware of being a character in some form of media. However, he’s apparently mistaken on the type of media he’s a character in.

I’d rate this similarly to my friend in high school who often made comments suggesting that we were characters on a TV show, despite the lack of cameramen, grips, and so forth. State of the art security cameras were not up to the task of producing media footage, as even the few which could be moved via remote control did not feature the smooth motions you’d want for any kind of entertainment production.

To be clear, I’m not ruling out the possibility that this is somehow all a show somewhere. I’m just ruling out the possibility that it’s a TV show. VR simulation seems much more likely to me.

(Yeah, I agree, it would be a pretty dystopian VR simulation. But, that said, looking at the sort of entertainment that sells… I’m not seeing a lot of utopian entertainment works anywhere. Even most of the porn I’ve encountered is rather dystopian. I mean, yes, they get it on, but it’s usually with oppressive gender roles and little respect. If there *is* respect, it’s usually one-sided or at least one of the characters has a strong preference for treatment that most people would consider abusive.

Maybe if I continued to watch, there would be a happy ending for some of these. But I have the distinct impression that the porn industry has a very different definition for the term ‘happy ending’ than I do.

Sometimes, it feels like web comics in which the characters generally consistently use the right pronouns for the other characters is as good as it gets. If this isn’t a dystopian VR simulation, a lot of us are doing it wrong a lot of the time.)

It doesn’t need to be VR. Did you seen The Truman Show? Just because you THINK the security cameras are not up to the ask doesn’t mean they aren’t – you might just have obsolete technical knowledge.

Or, yes, it may be VR.

This being dystopian is of course not a problem. However, most of my life is definitely not interesting enough, suggesting I’m not main character. But how far from main character I would be and why would they bother including people that far?

(And regarding porn … I think it’s obvious what they consider ‘happy ending’. It’s not an actual ending, they might fit multiple of those into single movie, but it’s definitely happy and unlike in real life, often simultaneous.)

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