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Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 5

Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 5 published on 11 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 5

Trivia: I finished the first 4 strips of this week all the way back in the beginning of March. I’m talking so far back, this was a couple weeks before my state identified its first COVID-19 case.

I did the lineart for this strip too…except I wanted to design a new cool-looking school set, and couldn’t do that off the top of my head. So I put it aside and went back to working on the main continuity (the next sketchbook page has the first strip of Plus Ones).

And then I filled up the rest of that sketchbook, filled up half of the next sketchbook, finished the regular strips all the way through the end of Call and Answer, and did not manage to come back and finish this until late July.

(Or, you know, approximately 10 years later in Quarantine Time.)

So if the coloring style changes a bit on this page, or the lineart looks any different in the next one — now you know why.

Hallway of Chalice Prep High School.

Thorn: . . . so the Order of Darker and Edgier might help get the monster level around here back down . . . But I’m afraid the Star Knights will end up working harder, to protect our non-magical citizens from them. That’s all I know so far. Violet, you had a thing too?

Birch: Um, I have a question first.

Thorn: Yeah, Birch?

Birch: Why are we letting your boyfriend listen in, again?

Juniper: Yeah, doesn’t it put our friends and dates at risk if we tell them our identities?

Rowan: C’mon, Juniper, we let Birch’s girlfriend in on it . . .

Violet: Only because Annie’s a magical girl too. Leif isn’t. ‘Less you know somethin’ I don’t.

Thorn: Leif hasn’t gotten powers — but Magical Kudzu’s been targeting him for weeks now. Being kept in the dark wasn’t making him any safer! Doesn’t he deserve to know who he can ask for help?

Besides — I didn’t tell Leif. He worked it out on his own. I don’t think you guys appreciate how smart he is.

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Well at least they aren’t gonna dance around this shit anymore. Question is, will Leif be smart with this knowledge in a way that doesn’t inadvertently give anything away?

Note: I’m not saying Leif will purposefully let slip, or not take care. Thing is, some things stay quiet for a reason from people. Even if he is a secret keeper, he might not notice what he is/isn’t saying.

Eh, Leif seems pretty good about keeping his mouth shut/knowing what secrets it is appropriate for him to know at any given time (in the main continuity, at least)

The question is how much of that is training from the job he’s had as long as he’s been an adult and how much of that is intrinsic to his core self? Magical Thorn!Leif is, IIRC, just a student with no ties to the government beyond being an “…in an official orphan apartment and a work-study program.” So either he has NO experience with secret-keeping on a government level, or he’s already had as much experience as Main!Leif and we haven’t been hinted at yet.

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