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Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 6

Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 6 published on 14 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 6, Page 6

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Rowan: So, Violet, what was your thing? You didn’t even tell me . . .

Violet: Yeah, ’cause I want a spontaneous reaction! Don’t want to bias anyone with my theories up front.

Okay, so: You know those optical illusions where you can’t see that the lines are the same, but if you put a ruler on them, it clicks?

Rowan: Yes . . . ?

Leif: Yikes!

Violet: Take a look at this.

All: ???


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Great, you found out who he is. Either do something about it or turn him over to Dex and Del.

… I assume they will? Do something about it, I mean. They literally *just* figured out his identity – there isn’t room on the page for anything else! This makes a great ending point for this act and gives us a hook for the next one(s). (Do you remember how long it took for the readers to figure it out? I’d say they’re doing just fine)

Ok, what I want to know is three swords? Where did the other two come from, or was she just so quick with it that she created her own optical illusion?

Also interested in this. And why is she using the sword at all?

The identity-masking glamour is caused by magic, so when you’re trying to override it, it helps if the item you’re using is also magic.

Oh. Identity masking glamour working over photo instead of, like, blurring the photo when being taken … makes sense then.

(Also, it IS true that their technology is magic-based, so it makes at least little more sense than with ordinary computers.)

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