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Magical Thorn: Act 7, Page 4

Magical Thorn: Act 7, Page 4 published on 5 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 7, Page 4

Face reveal!

Remember how I had an early version of Alfhild’s design ready to go back in 2016, even though she wouldn’t appear in the main comic for years…?

That’s right, she was always the “Dark Mistress” who’s been in Magical Thorn since Act 1.

Some of the details have changed. Her original silhouette doesn’t have the hat, because I hadn’t designed the hat yet. Calling her “Battle Flamer Alfhild” (it’s a reference to the magical boys of Cute High Earth Defense Club) is also new. But the basics have stayed the same.

And of course, like any classic Sailor Moon evil queen…she’s not the final boss.

(meanwhile, Kiki takes over in the latest Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots page)

Off-Shoots page

Thorn (thinking): Kale’s not in school again today . . . I didn’t want to believe he was Magical Kudzu — they don’t even have the same name! — but this is tough to ignore.

Still hard to understand how the dark magical boy who steals the energy of innocent people . . . could be this normal kid! He’s quiet, but friendly! If you get him talking, he’s funny! He likes dogs. And funnel cake. And karaoke!

He even goes to his kid nibling’s school plays! And seems to honestly like them! How do you get a bad guy out of that?

Alfhild: Stay strong, frens, energy top-up incoming . . .

There we go. Kiddo is as good as n00b.

Kudzu: Thank you, Battle Flamer Alfhild.

Alfhild: You know, you could call me Dark Mistress.

Kudzu: Unless it’s a mandate from the Board, I am not calling you Dark Mistress.

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Well… F███.
We knew that The Board (even if we didn’t know they were CALLED the Board) had something over Kudzu… I didn’t think it was “ergs you steal are ergs that can go to support your brother directly.”

Good of Alfhild to remove The Stalker permanently from this setting, tho!

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