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Magical Thorn Act 8, page 1

Magical Thorn Act 8, page 1 published on 10 Comments on Magical Thorn Act 8, page 1

That’s right, we’re jumping straight from the cliffhanger into Act 8!

Poor Hermosa…in this AU, he’s just the Motoki.

Niamh: Kudzu, you can’t just never go back to school.

Kudzu: Says who, Niamh?

As an orphan, my expenses are fully covered with no explanation, so it’s not like I need to learn job skills.

Niamh: Life skills?

Kudzu: What life?

All I do is minioning for the Dark Company, when I’m not taking care of —

— Calyx!!

Thorn: Three is a magic number?

Calyx: Yes, it is! It’s a magic —


Kudzu: Cal. Run on down to the pet store, and stay there until I come pick you up.

Calyx: Uncle Kudzu! Are you finally going to let me get a bunny??

Kudzu: No.

Calyx: Do you just want an excuse to talk to that cashier you think is cute?

Kudzu: No!!

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Honestly, any Magical Thorn strip with Calyx makes me nervous, because I kind of feel like they not only have to die, but die very, very young. (Although the stalker is dead in this continuity, and presumably, assuming Ceannis doesn’t give stalkers the rope and he hasn’t made the wrong enemies behind bars, alive in the main, so maybe conversely there’s hope for Calyx?)

Actually, that casual aside has me wondering – do any of the countries in this setting employ the rope/blade/needle? (Not for mere stalkers, I assume, at least not in modern times.) I assume Sønheim doesn’t, since if they did, Leif wouldn’t be where he is, and I doubt Ceannis does, since they’re broadly the “good” country, but the rest?

Human nature being what it is, there are still going to be some countries around here that have the death penalty, but I don’t have plans to bring that into the comic!

Sønheim hasn’t outlawed the death penalty, there’s just a broad societal preference for the “legal right to work you until you die on your own” penalty.

Uh, I googled Motoki and it’s a common name. I got a musician, baseball player and actor. Here is his song banana shake

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