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Magical Thorn Act 8, page 4

Magical Thorn Act 8, page 4 published on 8 Comments on Magical Thorn Act 8, page 4

Didn’t know he could do that.


Thorn: There has to be some other way to —

Kudzu: There’s not!

I’m sorry for attacking your boyfriend, okay? I’m sorry for a lot of things!

But I — am going to make absolutely sure —

— you can never come near us again!

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@Erin, you should pay closer attention:

– Soulbonded animals can break the fourth wall.
– Kudzu can read minds.
– Soulbonded animals have minds.

This means Kudzu knows how to break the fourth wall.

@Kudzu: I know you’re reading this. Thorn thinks you’re attractive. He’s not fighting you, you’re fighting him.

The soul bound animals can talk, no mind reading necesary. Remeber thorn talking about seasons and merch when he gave leif the bracelet? Or The “Leif has Protaganist hair” comment?
soul animals aside and mind reading aside- Magical Thorn is more meta than cannon.

Being able to talk does not mean that they’d necessarily spill the beans on how to break the fourth wall or that it’s even there. Kudzu being able to read their minds means their compliance with Erin’s wishes about keeping those details under wraps doesn’t really matter.

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